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May Technical Luncheon
Devon Energy
333 West Sheridan Ave
Oklahoma City , Oklahoma 73102
Thursday, May 18, 2023, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM CDT
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Speaker: James Bedford, Mantle Power, LLC
Title: Evaluating the Potential to Generate Geothermal Electricity from Oil and Gas Wells
Location: Devon Energy (visitor parking is in the NW parking garage, enter from Harvey)


Geothermal Power uses the heat of the earth to generate electricity. In areas of very hot underground bodies, injected water is flashed to steam producing electrical power, but in lower temperature areas, binary power plants can produce electrical power.  Geothermal Power is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 360 days a year. This is known as baseload power as opposed to solar and wind which are intermittent generators. There are no fuel costs since the plants use the earth’s heat.  At reservoir temperatures above 300⁰F, binary plants can generate electricity. Generally, these plants cycle a fluid, generally water, to drive the binary electrical plant.   “The amount of electricity generated is governed by the temperature of the circulating fluid and the volume of fluid cycled.”  The oil and gas industry has developed extensive underground temperature data. Using oil and gas wells in high heat areas, especially horizontal wells, significant electrical power could be generated. A closed cycle would be created by joining horizontal or vertical wells downhole. Existing EOR techniques would form the basis of cycling.  In high heat areas, redesigning new drill wells allows for higher flow rates generating greater amounts of electricity.  The problem with geothermal power plants is their high cost, generally $3,000,000/MW. If a portion of the hydrocarbon cash flow is diverted to pay for the geothermal plant, then a long-lasting cash flow will outlive the depletion of the hydrocarbons. There are now significant credits both tax and carbon that are also generated.


Mr. Bedford is the CEO of Mantle Power Co., LLC and is working on enhancing oil and gas production while linking in geothermal electrical production. Previously, he has been a consultant specializing in Basin Analysis and Enhanced Oil Recovery. His experience includes working for OOGC (CNOOC) as Rocky Mountain manager and Senior Eagleford geologic advisor. Prior he worked for Chesapeake as a senior East Texas geologist then moving into New Ventures as a Basin Analyst for the Haynesville, Bossier, Eagleford, Marcellus, Rhinestreet, and Bakken hybrid shale plays and the conventional Mississippian play in the Midland Basin. Concurrently, he was geologic lead for 27 Permian waterfloods. His experience includes geology, geophysics, gravity magnetics, and oil migration. 


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